There are very good resources about configuring a windows machine as a Jenkins slave using java web, but a pitfall may be stalling git fetch as seen below,

jenkins windows slave - timeout problem

We see that the previous git commands are successful, so git is able to be called. Generally, this stall issue is not from ssh public keys (adding id_rsa.pub of slave to  git repositories authorized list). In fact, the problem is from missing HOME environment variable. We should set it to corresponding value,

jenkins windows slave - setting environment variable home

I will configure a build job that is manually done by calling make.bat (a shame not a nmake file) from visual studio command prompt.

jenkins windows slave - windows build

Start with getting the location of visual studio prompt through,

jenkins windows slave - visual studio comand prompt location

Then state the steps in batch  job section.

jenkins windows slave - windows batch command

Result should be a successful windows build.

jenkins windows slave - dashboarde