Dokuwiki has lots of plugins for all flavors. These may be achieved through plugins main page https://www.dokuwiki.org/plugins.

dokuwiki plugin - plugins main page

Here I will install ‘Color’ plugin in order to write colorful text. Start with getting source address of plugin with copying link address of download.

dokuwiki plugin - color plugin

Then go to ‘Manage Plugins’ section which is located at ‘Administration’ page. It will need admin credentials.

dokuwiki plugin - admin manage plugins

Paste source address to start download

dokuwiki plugin - installing color plugin location

If it is successful, we will see a green header line of status with name of installed plugin appearing in the list,

dokuwiki plugin - installing color plugin

If the header line was red complaining about directory permissions, we should change permissions of ‘/var/lib/dokuwiki/lib/plugins’ so that ‘www-data’, the default user of dokuwiki has nesessary privileges. If dokuwiki is installed through package manager, the default owner is root as may be seen below,

dokuwiki plugin - plugin directory

change it so that ‘www-data’ has necessary privileges of ‘plugins’ directory,

dokuwiki plugin - plugin directory owner change

Now, the plugin installation should be successful. Use of plugin is very simple, just tag ‘<color red> git@ </red>’ which will turn repository from default color

dokuwiki plugin - before color

into red as may be seen below,

dokuwiki plugin - after color