Jenkins has a pretty property of using browsers settings for language (Accept-Language header). With this property, different users speaking different languages may use same integration tool easily. This is a default property.

However, sometimes, we may need to enforce a common language, or we do not want to change our browser settings, just to use Jenkins in more or less defacto information language, say English. This may be possible with ‘locale’ plugin of Jenkins.

jenkins_language - locale_plugin

Check from ‘../pluginManager/installed’, If locale is not already installed,

jenkins_language - plugin_manager_installedpng

We may install it through pluginManager, available section. Chose to install and reboot Jenkins (by selecting the appearing check box).

jenkins_language - plugin_manager_available

Then at ‘../configure’ tab, there should be a section about ‘locale’. Just give the enforced language and select the “ignore browser preferences…” check box.




jenkins_language - setting_englih_locale


We will see that language will be changed;

jenkins_language - language change