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As part of Sistas SDN Projects, (www.sistas.com.tr) , we start configuring brand new Alcatel OS6868 switch. Now usb console is sufficient, just be sure that USB to UART driver is installed properly. In my case it is not

sdn OS6860 - uart driver problem

Fix is easy, download necessary controller driver from Silicon Labs site http://www.silabs.com/products/mcu/pages/usbtouartbridgevcpdrivers.aspx.

sdn OS6860 - cp210x driver installation

sdn OS6860 - uart driver problem solved

Now lets try opening a terminal. Here I will use Tera Term http://download.cnet.com/Tera-Term/3055-20432_4-75766675.html?tag=pdl-redir.

Just serial communication port that we obtained above.

sdn OS6860 - teraterm connection parameters

Default password of a brand new switch be admin / password.

sdn OS6860 - login using teraterm

Now let’s try to setup connection to controller. Our controller is placed on, let’s check connection using an old friend called “ping”. If it fails with complaining about “network is unreachable” assign a valid ip, or let dhcp supply one (if the system is not isolated) in order to use for management. This process may be seen at the figure below;

sdn OS6860 - setting ip to interface

Arp table of switch should be populated to include our controller ip as may be seen below;

sdn OS6860 - result of show arp

Now we may try to set controller settings for OpenFlow southbound API.

Start with creating a logical switch. Start with default parameters;

sdn OS6860 - logical switch creation

Then bind a controller to logical switch just created;

sdn OS6860 - controller creation

At this point we see that there is no traffic request for controller. Actually, the problem is we should assign a vlan other than default to logical switch. Let’s assign a vlan, and check state again. see that state will change to Active.

sdn OS6860 - assigning vlan to logical switch

We should see traffic between switch to controller,

sdn OS6860 - debug ip packet

OpenDaylight controller should also see the OS6860,

sdn OS6860 - opendaylight logs

sdn OS6860 - opendaylight connection