Testing an OpenFlow application layer process may require preparation of test pcaps. Application layer processes may be tested more or less by following test file structure;

modify pcap time - pcap processing

Result of start trigger may be easily observed but stop trigger may need following modification in order to be sure of not processing after the stop trigger;

modify pcap time - modified pcap processing

In order to prepare such a file from an original, after extracting media, we should time shift and add to original.

Time shifting may be performed using editcap with option -t;

modify pcap time - time shift pcap

Original file,

modify pcap time - original media

with result.

modify pcap time - shifted media

Two files may be combined using mergecap with default which performs merge considering packet timestamps,

modify pcap time - combining two pcaps

to form a combined test pcap.

modify pcap time - combined pcap

Now this file may be used to test OpenDaylight application layer selective media mirroring.